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Meeting between researchers in human trafficking in Iasi

Trafficking in human persons for the purpose of organ removal (THBOR) represents a world-wide phenomenon with alarming statistics. From 2012 onwards, the European Commission has started funding an international project that aims to increase the available knowledge on this crime – the HOTT project. During this year, the specialists are involved in disseminating the information collected during the research.

On July 31, 2015, Mihaela Frunza, project manager at SACRI, one of the partners of the HOTT project, attended a meeting with post-doctoral students in Iasi, at the Al. I. Cuza University, Department of Sociology and Social Work. Here she introduced the HOTT project and addressed the topic of publication as part of disseminating one’s research results. The meeting was conducted by Prof. Cristina Gavriluta, Ph.D., a former participant to COPING, a EU-funded project on human trafficking.

The two researchers discussed on various methods of establishing connections between professionals in different disciplines that are focusing on human trafficking, and the need for all professionals to exchange their knowledge and cooperate together.

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